Claude OREL28/Jul/2017

Clearly communicate your company’s key figures

Bring your data to life with the first self-service presentation solution with advanced interactive visualizations

Just Show It

We are here to give you the means to change how to present your key figures.
So, distinguish yourself in your future presentations and the communication of your data.


Transport yourself into the era of interactivity ... More

More power!

Transport yourself into the era of interactivity to build your presentations. Control your presentations with your fingertips.

An alternative concept

DS Studio combines the basic principles... More

2 in 1

DS Studio combines the basic principles of data visualization and presentation Zen or effective: an energetic cocktail for your data to be shared without moderation.

Collateral profit

Highlight your data, it is also... More

Thank you!

Highlight your data, it is also highlight you. Your audience will remember it.

A picture worth a thousand words!

Add to the power of interactive graphs More

Man is a visual animal

Add to the power of interactive graphics the power of images. We put at your disposal a library of free and free of right media to facilitate the work.

Code outside

We are facilitators. More

always further

Our job is to collect all the right techniques that will help you build more effective presentations for you. Focus on your ideas. We do the rest.

Why change ?

For interactivity

It’s a new dimension that invites you into your presentations for more power.

For simplicity

Simplify to amplify and clarify your messages.

More impact

Your ideas are worth it !

For emotion

Do not be afraid to put it in your numbers. They will remain engraved in the memories.

They trusted us

« Dans notre collaboration avec Data Story, nous avons apprécié l'écoute, la réactivité et la disponibilité de l'équipe. »

Véronique Bosc-Burel – Directrice

Company Name: Fondation Université Bretagne Sud

"La société DATA STORY a su dépoussiérer nos outils, bousculer nos préjugés et nos habitudes pour nous transmettre les valeurs essentielles d’un support efficace."

Gilles Poirier – Directeur de la Relation Clients

Company Name: ARPEGE - Editeur de logiciels

"J’ai sollicité DATA Story pour disposer d’un support qui permette de maintenir l’intérêt de l’auditoire à l’aide d'un outil qui allie visuels, interactivité et simplicité. Objectif pleinement atteint ! "

Thierry Joubioux – DAF

Company Name: ABERA / Groupe AVRIL

Put some Steve Jobs into your Data Prez

Your audience will thank you!

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